SA Coins Pays about R7000

There is always some ways to make money with vintage coins. If you are in South Africa, there are always some profitable coins in your country. The reason for the coins to be profitable are different from each coin. For example the significance linked to the mint of the Kruger Rands. Every coin has such significance.

Some coins are made just for collections while some are for circulation. That is why as a seller or collector you have to know the difference.

So what are the collectible coin?

Collectible coins are those coins minted for the purposes of collection by collectors. There are people out there who are just waiting for new coins to be available for sale and purely minted for that purpose. The collectible coins are also graded by the coin grading companies, packaged and displayed for collectors eyes.

They might look the same as the circulation coins but the significance lies on the grading and the purpose of the minting.

These coins worth higher than their face values. For example, the Kruger Rands currently worth almost or over R100 000.

What are the circulation coins?

The circulation coins are those coins minted for the purpose of circulation to the general public. That is the coins we use to buy or pay for service with. They only worth their face value. If it is R5 coin, that means its value will be R5.