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How to Sell Mandela Coins in South Africa

We have been getting a lot of questions on how and where to sell Mandela coins in South Africa. That is why we have decided to add this piece of information to help you get info about this topic. Below are the useful links you can check about selling Mandela Coins. If you have Mandela […]

SA Coins Pays about R7000

There is always some ways to make money with vintage coins. If you are in South Africa, there are always some profitable coins in your country. The reason for the coins to be profitable are different from each coin. For example the significance linked to the mint of the Kruger Rands. Every coin has such […]

New Faces for SA’s R5 Coins and More

THE South African Mint, a wholly owned subsidiary of the South African Reserve Bank (SARB), today released a new R5 coin themed “Let us live and strive for freedom”, the last coin in the range of SA25 commemorative circulation coins. The SARB issued five new R2 coins over the past three months to mark South […]

Old South African Bank Notes and Coins Required

What is a Real Estate Note? A real estate receivable is a document (or documents) secured by real estate that obligates one individual or company to make payment(s) to another individual or company. These receivables are created when a piece of real estate, such as a house, is sold. The purchaser gives the seller a […]

Sell Krugerrands coins

First Edition of Kruger Rands 1967 These were the first Kruger Rands. They were struck at a ceremony which took place at the South African Mint in July 1967. The busts of the 1967 mintage were plain, unfrosted or glossy. Intended for South African collectors, only 10 000 of these coins were struck. In 1968 some […]


Mint piece gathering is one of the best and world’s most established leisure activities. A few people gather them for entertainment only while others aggregate coins after some time keeping in mind the end goal to deliver a benefit. Point Jewelry Exchange is devoted to giving the most abnormal amount of aptitude and esteem with […]


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